July 11, 2021

By SUSAN MALONEA/APWomen in a hijab are silhouetted against the blue sky of Afghanistan in a photo taken by a female Afghan soldier on the front line.

The photo was taken on August 3, 2017.

The Taliban is still battling to reclaim a province in eastern Afghanistan.

The photograph, taken by an Afghan soldier who was deployed to the eastern city of Kunduz in October 2016, shows her wearing a traditional Afghan female military uniform, with a white turban covering her face and a long black cloak hanging down over her shoulders.

The photograph was taken in Kunduz.

It shows a young Afghan girl in a black-and-white dress and a red hijab.

It’s an image of hope.

The image, captured by the female Afghan fighter, was taken by Afghan soldiers as they deployed to Kunduz, an Afghan city devastated by the Taliban and allied forces.

It’s one of the most prominent images in the country’s effort to revive morale after months of fighting.

The Afghan army says it has lost more than 300,000 soldiers since it began fighting the Taliban in 2014.

But the number of Afghan women in uniform has risen to a new record, with more than 2,000 women in Afghan uniform serving in the army in 2017.

Women in the military are under pressure from the Taliban, whose fighters have been able to use the image of women’s uniform to recruit women for their ranks.

The image is meant to show women fighting alongside men.

The Taliban, who have pledged allegiance to the leader, Mullah Omar, have long accused the women of having sex with other men.

They have also accused Afghan soldiers of using the image to attract recruits.

“We can’t stop it because the Taliban don’t have any morals,” said Sohrab Niaz, the head of the women’s committee at the Afghan military’s top military intelligence agency.

Niaz said women in Afghanistan have become a casualty of the war, which is expected to last at least the next six years.

The picture of the Afghan soldier was taken at the beginning of a four-month deployment to Kunduk, a city in eastern eastern Afghanistan, where the Taliban was battling to recapture the city from Afghan forces.

The government said the picture was taken as Afghan forces moved into Kunduz to retake the city.

It said in a statement that the female soldier had been “commissioned to a mission to protect Kunduz and its citizens” and was part of a battalion.

The statement said she was deployed in Kunduk to protect civilians and to secure their access to Kundu, the provincial capital.

It did not say whether she was a member of the government.

The U.S. State Department condemned the photo.

The Pentagon said in an email that the Afghan government had not agreed to allow the deployment of the soldier to Kundush and she had not been invited to the mission.

The State Department said the United States was working with the Afghan Government to prevent any inappropriate use of Afghan and foreign media.

“Any inappropriate use will be immediately and firmly punished,” the State Department’s spokesman, Nick Shapiro, said in the email.

U.S.-Afghan ties have soured, particularly over a dispute over the fate of a former U.N. peacekeeper, Robert Moodie, who was captured in Kundu in 2014 and was later killed.

Moodie had served as a civilian U. N. peacekeeping force commander in Afghanistan before he was captured by Taliban militants.

He is now a target of a U. S.-led coalition and is in an Afghan prison awaiting trial.

The White House has urged the Taliban to release him.

The Afghan government has called for him to be released.


officials have said there is no evidence the Taliban has used the photo as a recruitment tool.


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