July 13, 2021

AUSTRALIA’S most notorious online retailer is under fire after police say a woman was accused of “laundering” women’s and children’s clothes.

Key points:A woman allegedly used a mobile phone with her to smuggLEADER OF THE GROUP: It’s alleged the woman “sorted through” women clothing from a variety of online retailersLEADERS OF THE CLOTHES: Police allege the woman was part of a “leadership group” of the groupLEADING WOMAN: One woman allegedly led the group to the “backpacks”LEADED TO ANOTHER: Police say a second woman was also allegedly part of the “leaders”The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly used the phone to look through the clothing she had bought online, according to police.

“I just sort of looked through and just sort a few things up and found them,” the woman said.

“There were lots of things, so I just sorta put it in a bag and went home.”

The alleged offence was reported to police after the woman posted a comment on the group’s Facebook page.

“It is a group that does not allow women to be on their own, or to make their own decisions about what they wear,” it said.

She also allegedly admitted to “failing to comply with the dress code”, which is a requirement of the organisation’s “leader”.

“I did not want to go out with the women, I just wanted to dress up for a friend’s birthday party,” the unnamed woman allegedly told police.

Police have been investigating the group since a Facebook post was posted by a woman claiming to be part of it.

“The group was established in January 2017, and was set up for women to buy clothing from different brands,” police said in a statement.

“Police believe that this woman was a leader of the women’s group, and in addition, the group was known to purchase items for the sale of women’s products.”

Police allege the women were not allowed to have more than one phone with them.

“This person was allegedly using the phone at the time, and would also place a call with other members to coordinate the buying and selling of clothing,” police added.

“In a statement, the leader of a group is an individual who leads a group and is responsible for the group, while in reality, it is the group that makes the decisions on what to buy, sell, and wear.”

Police have alleged the group sold more than $300,000 worth of women clothing.

The woman who allegedly led this “leaders group” has been charged with two counts of obtaining goods for the purpose of trafficking and two counts for obtaining goods by deception.


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