July 20, 2021

Asos has revealed that it will start producing women’s apparel for the military in 2017.

The retailer is looking to diversify its consumer base by offering a range of styles, from the most traditional to the most cutting edge, with a focus on sustainability.

“Asos is committed to providing an accessible, contemporary, and affordable choice of women’s fashion,” a spokesperson said.

“Our commitment to supporting women in all aspects of life is reflected in our commitment to making our clothing more affordable and available for women to wear in a variety of contexts and styles.”

The new Asos line will feature a range from women’s basics to the hottest trends, including swimwear, dresses and tops.

Asos has previously started to make a foray into women’s footwear.

The company launched a line of women-specific boots last year, and the brand is also expanding its line of footwear in women’s silhouettes, including a women’s casual pair.

Aliexress women’s clothes article The online retailer also announced a new women-focused line, with its first-ever women’s collection.

The new collection will be available for pre-order on February 14, 2017, and will be produced by Asos Originals.

“We are excited to bring the women’s collections to life with Asos, the world’s leading women’s retailer,” Aliexess founder, executive creative director and head of womenswear and womens footwear, Jodie Mancini said.

The Asos women line includes three collections, including the “Bridal Boudoir Collection”, which features a variety different styles of dresses, as well as a range in accessories, asos.com.au/news/women-shoes-collection-is-launching-with-asos-originals-first-ever-women’s-collection/story-e6pjg7p6-t2o5-111812703469 Aliexs women’s shoes collection is set to launch on February 12, and Asos will be launching a range for women’s women’s and children’s shoes in March.

“The brand has a global presence and an extensive network of designers, brands, and retailers, and our focus is to create an inclusive and curated collection that is focused on our customers’ personal style and style preferences,” the spokesperson added.

“It is with great pride that we are launching this brand’s first- ever womens womens collection, the Bridal Boulanger collection, which will be released to coincide with the brand’s centenary in 2018.”


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