August 7, 2021

A new way to dress up as a Hindu has been created by two men from Australia.

Hindu women have been known to wear colourful headscarves, but the latest trend is the braided hairstyle.

“They’re just really fun and they’re really simple to make,” said Mr Lal.

“The idea was to do something different for the Hindu community.”

Mr Lal is the creator of the Hindu Women’s Clothing, which is now available online for people of all ages.

“It’s a fun, simple way of dressing up and it’s got a Hindu feel to it,” he said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a braided hair look before so it’s really cool.”

Hindu Women’s CostumeThe Hindu Women Costume is made of fabric with the colours of the sun and a Hindu goddess, Hindu Goddess Kali.

It can be worn by Hindu women or men of any religion.

Hats can be a good choice for women, but men can also wear them.

Hair is not tied up like men, so it is also a good option for men, especially when they want to get a little bit more creative.

“When you wear the braids it’s a lot easier for your hair to be a little longer and a little more curlier, so that’s really great,” Mr Lal said.

He said he has also made a few outfits for men as well.

“You can make the hair as long as you like it and just get a few strands out and go and do it.

Or you can just wear it as it is and do the braiding,” he explained.

The Hindu Clothing is now only available online, but Mr Lal is hoping it will be available to buy at some point.

“We’re really hoping to sell it at some stage and have people actually buying it,” Mr Lam said.

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