August 10, 2021

Top women’s fashion is getting a whole lot more interesting with the introduction of new, wearable options.

The top five fashion trends from the last week, including the latest crop of fashion items, are below.

Including items from designers like Zara, Calvin Klein, and H&M, plus some exclusive looks from the fashion world’s newest players, you can find these fashion trends right here on ESPN The Magazine’s Fashion Week 2017 list.


Fashion for the 21st Century: Lingerie and Bags With the introduction and introduction of fashion for the modern era, women have found new ways to wear clothing.

While the first fashion trends that came out in the last decade centered on men’s fashion, fashion for women is getting more and more focused on women.


Women’s Clothing: Dresses for All Seasons With the advent of the modern fashion trend of clothing for the digital age, women are becoming more comfortable in their own style.

Trends like the new crop of men’s and women’s styles have been hitting the runway in 2017, which has seen an explosion of trends for women’s clothes and accessories.


New and Old Styles: Women’s Clothes for All Season With the rise of the fashion trend for the new millennium, women can find new and old styles for their clothing.

The trend of women’s dresses and pants has been in full swing since the last year, and there’s plenty of new trends to look forward to. 4. 

Dress for the Modern Era: New Styles With the resurgence of fashion and the rise in fashion trends, women’s dress is getting even more fashionable and trendier than ever.


Award-Winning New Styles: Fashion for the Digital Age With the digital era and the proliferation of social media, women and men are finding new ways of expressing themselves and their individuality through fashion.

Check out the top fashion trends of 2017, and let us know which trends you’d like to see on ESPN Magazine’s Top Women Fashion Trends list in the comments section below.

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