August 16, 2021

A new survey shows that women in leadership roles are the most underrepresented group in corporate America, but women are still being paid less than men for the same work.

The report, released Monday by the Center for American Progress, also shows that, overall, women in top corporate jobs earn about 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.

But women in the most powerful positions make less than they do men in the same jobs.

The study, based on surveys conducted by a group of Fortune 500 companies in the last year, found that in 2014, women earned about 78 cents for the dollar men made.

This gender pay gap has been a topic of discussion for years, with some arguing that women are paid less in the workplace for the job that they do.

But the new report shows that despite decades of pay discrimination, it’s actually getting worse.

The new report also found that the pay gap is especially wide in higher-paying, white-collar jobs.

It also showed that women made less than their male counterparts at tech companies, where women make 77 cents on the dollar.

“There are more women than men in these fields,” said Nancy Poon, the senior vice president of corporate affairs at the Center, which released the report with the support of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

“It’s not just the fact that there are more female CEOs, but also that women have greater representation in tech and engineering.

So, you’re paying them less than if you were paying them more. “

The number of women in those higher-pay jobs is a little bit less than the number of men.

The study also found women make about a third less than other men in technology jobs. “

Women are actually paid less because the pay is not as competitive as it could be.”

The study also found women make about a third less than other men in technology jobs.

But that difference is narrowing, particularly for women who work in higher paid tech jobs.

Women who work at tech giants like Facebook and Google, for example, make 78 cents on a dollar for the work they do, according to the report.

They’re also underrepresented among the top executives at smaller tech companies.

In tech, there are currently six women who run Facebook, four who run Twitter and three who run LinkedIn, according the report, and the top two are women.

The median compensation for a CEO at Facebook is about $1.5 million, while that for a head of Google is $3.2 million.

“Our data show that women who are more likely to lead their companies, be more prominent, and be less likely to be women of color make less,” Poon said.

“So that’s a clear and stark contrast between men and women in technology, and that’s an underrepresentation.”

Poon added that the new study showed that there is an economic cost to the gender pay difference.

“This gender pay discrimination is not just hurting women,” she said.

Companies are also underreporting the gender wage gap, according Poon.

For example, some of the most common industries are transportation and warehousing, and some of them are highly profitable.

For these industries, it doesn’t really make sense to pay less to women.

And when we do get into those areas, the companies are underreporting those pay differences.

For instance, if we had the data on women’s labor force participation, it would tell us that women were underrepresented,” she added.

Poon pointed to research showing that, in certain sectors, women are underpaid for their work.

For many industries, including construction, retail and health care, women make up just 5 percent of the workforce.

The findings come on the heels of a series of high-profile reports on wage discrimination in the private sector that found that companies are paying lower wages to women than to men.

The latest study was commissioned by the National Women’s Law Center and the American Action Forum, a conservative think tank.

The two groups said in a joint statement that the study shows “a clear and dramatic gender pay differential” in the corporate world, and urged companies to “stop perpetuating the myth that women aren’t valuable employees.”

They also called on companies to take steps to ensure that women work in a diverse workplace.

The companies’ survey asked companies to tally their data on wages for the years 2013 to 2019, and compared those numbers to the salaries earned by men.

Companies were asked to estimate the pay differences by considering what they might earn if they were paid the same amount by a different company.

Companies also were asked what they thought might be responsible for the pay disparity, including factors like discrimination and age.

Companies found that most of the pay disparities are explained by age and race.

They found that for both men and men, the pay difference for women was greater than the difference for men, but that for men it was greater for younger workers.

The pay disparity between men


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