August 20, 2021

I am the owner of a clothing company called Cyberpunk Clothing.

It has a really fun and unique brand identity.

I have always been interested in cyberpunk, and I always felt like there was something really exciting about a cyberpunk aesthetic, whether it was clothing or music or art.

So when I heard about a company called Dapper Dads, I thought that would be a really cool idea.

It would be really cool to create some really cool clothing.

And so that’s what we did.

We wanted to do something a little bit more futuristic, like a kind of cyberpunk clothing, but still really cute.

So, I went out and I went to the store, I bought two shirts, and one of them is a Cyberpunk Women’s Clothing shirt.

It’s a really cute shirt.

And it’s really cute, so we decided to make it into a jacket.

And the next day, it was like, “Oh my gosh!

That’s awesome!

That was amazing!

It’s going to be so cool.”

And that was my inspiration, really.

I felt like I could do something with it.

And I also feel like there’s a lot of cool stuff happening right now with cyberpunk and it’s so exciting to me.

It gives me hope that we’re going to see this kind of stuff everywhere.

So I’ve got some cool stuff to show you today.

Let’s get right into it.

Let me start off by telling you that the shirt is called Cyberpunks Wear.

And that’s the word on the sleeve, right?

[Laughs] It’s my name on the sleeves, so you know what that means.

So the shirt’s actually made in Mexico, and it has a lot to do with my roots.

And my dad is Mexican, so my dad used to always have a shirt.

My dad used, he says, “Don’t ever buy a shirt, buy a scarf!”

So he always bought a scarf and he would buy one of these scarves that were really, really big.

And he’d put it on.

And then he would wear it on a winter day and he’d get snowed in.

And there’s something very beautiful about that.

So it’s an expression of that.

And of course, the shirts are very fashionable.

I’m very picky about my clothing, and this shirt has a nice soft fabric that’s soft and nice, but it’s a little warm in the winter.

It looks very comfortable, too.

And we wanted to make something that would work for both men and women, and we wanted it to be kind of trendy.

We want to keep that vintage vibe of this kind, where you know, it’s very wearable and it looks really good on the wrist.

It feels nice and modern.

I think that’s kind of a part of the appeal of the shirt, I think it’s sort of what we wanted, because I think women want to wear something that’s really modern, and that’s not just just a fashion statement, but something that will be able to stand out.

So there’s all kinds of styles that you can wear this shirt in.

I know a lot guys love this shirt.

The colors are bright and fun, and there’s also a lot going on on the shirt that’s just cool.

But I love the contrast between the two, which I think really suits both men, and women.

And also, the pattern is so cute and the fabric is soft and lovely.

So if you wear this on a cold winter day, you can put it under your jacket and feel like it’s going away.

I mean, it feels like you’re in a sweater.

But then you can go out and wear it in the summer, and you can really wear it.

I love wearing this shirt all year long, so I hope you do too.

The jacket is made out of cotton, and the sleeves are cotton.

So this is actually cotton, not synthetic.

And if you’re interested in the brand, you have to go to Cyberpunk Clothing.

And you can also see the shirt in action here.

It comes with three shirts, so there are three different colors on the jacket.


I’m sure you’re thinking, oh, well, that’s good.

There are so many cool ways to wear it!

And you don’t have to buy three different shirts.

You can just buy one shirt and it’ll fit your body, because it’s not really a size, you just need to pick one size.

[Smiles] It fits like a glove.

I’ve never worn a glove before.

So you can just put it in, and then you’re ready to go.

I also wear a jacket, but the sleeves don’t quite fit my body.

I don’t wear a glove, so that makes this one super comfortable.

And one of the things that


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