August 20, 2021

I know the supermarket, so it’s hard to imagine that I am in Israel at the moment.

But as I walk through the store, I realize I am wearing the same thing over and over again.

It’s a small, black, knee-length dress with matching black socks.

It comes in a tiny box with no label, just a tiny tag that reads, “Women’s clothing.”

It’s a tiny, black dress with a pink toe, a matching pink skirt, and a pink cap.

The tag says “Women.”

The skirt is long and flirty, and it fits me perfectly.

But I have a problem with the dress.

I can’t tell how long it is because the label is so small, and I am so afraid to see my size.

The shirt is also black.

When I get home from work, I wear it to the grocery store, but the label says “Men’s clothing” and I cannot see a size.

I have to order a new one.

The supermarket has many options for women’s fashion.

But one item on my shopping list seems to defy the rules.

I want to buy a black skirt, but I can never find one in Israel.

I don’t want to wear a skirt that is too long.

And I don tote a skirt or cap that has a large label that is either too small or too big.

A few weeks ago, I got a message from a customer at the supermarket.

He was looking for a black, long-sleeved dress that he could buy in Israel, but couldn’t find in the US.

I explained to him that the dress was too long and that he should buy it in the store.

He said he wanted to try it, but he wanted a bigger size.

He called me and asked if I would go to the store with him.

I told him to wait for me at the door.

I went to the door and he told me that the woman he was looking at had called and asked me to come to the counter with her.

She asked if she could have the dress for her husband and they agreed.

She put on the dress, but it was too short.

She had to put on a cap.

I said that I would wear the dress if it was smaller, and he agreed.

He gave her a small amount and then told her to give me his credit card.

She gave me a small box with the money in it.

I asked her how much money it would cost, and she said it would be $6.99, which was the most she could afford.

I took the dress to the cashier and asked for the size and label.

She told me the dress cost $7.99 and I could try it out for a couple of dollars.

I bought the dress and I thought it was going to be okay.

I was very excited about buying it.

When the dress arrived, I looked it over and noticed that the tag said “Men” on it.

My eyes widened.

I had to ask the cashiers if I could use the tag to size the dress up.

They said I could not use the tags to size up, and that I could only size it down.

They took the size down to about my waist.

It was so tight, it was impossible for me to see the dress on my size chart.

It had a very high neckline and a very long back.

I couldnt see the waist.

When it arrived at the store and I tried to take the dress out of the box, the cash registers said it was not allowed.

I took the box to the sales assistant and told him that I was having trouble with the size.

He told me to get a different dress.

The sales assistant handed me a new dress.

She said that they could get a size down, and the sales associate gave me the size tag.

The dress fit perfect and the tag fit perfectly.

When I returned to the checkout counter, I told the sales clerk that I wanted to size it up.

The woman behind the counter was a bit confused.

She looked at me and said, “Well, what do you want to do?”

I told her that I didn’t know what size the dressing was, but that it was a good size for me and that it would make me feel comfortable wearing it.

She agreed and told me I could return the dress as a gift.

That night, I went back to the woman at the register.

She was very surprised to find out that I had ordered a size up.

She took me into her office and I asked the sales staff what was wrong.

They told me they were sorry, but they couldn’t help me because it was the size I wanted.

They asked me why I wanted a size larger, and told my sales assistant that it didn’t make sense.

The store manager, a young man


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