September 1, 2021

By now, it should come as no surprise that the dress you wear to your next dinner party isn’t the one you were wearing last week.

But for many, the decision to wear a feminist dress in the first place is a difficult one. 

But not all feminist women want to wear the same dress, and the fashion industry has responded with a range of options for the ladies who want to look like their ideal counterparts.

The dressmaker behind the new FABF Topless and Dressmaker FABR (featured image: Instagram/FABR Fashion)”Women who feel the need to wear FABW dresses have been doing so for quite some time,” says FABF founder, designer and head of design, Julie Fuchs.

“But with the proliferation of designer brands, the need for the same look is increasing. 

Fabs have been the top brands in the FAB brand since 2014, and have been at the forefront of the new wave of designer clothing, with designers like Stella McCartney, Nina Lauer and Tariq Ali being the most popular to wear.”FAB has recently introduced its FAB Women’s Topless Collection, which features a range of topless dresses for women.”

The FAB collection, which is inspired by FAB’s work, aims to create a range that feels like the Fabs of today,” says FAB founder, Kate Fuchs, “while also adding to the Fab brand’s legacy and legacy of women who have worn FAB products.””

Our Topless collection is designed with the Fabis in mind, with our range inspired by the style and inspiration of the original FAB and featuring unique pieces from FABs first collection, as well as an array of new Fabs designed by Fabs fashion designers and brands.” 

Fab has also recently launched The Fabs Dress Maker FAB, which features an extensive range of dressmaking tools for women, as the company continues to expand its reach.

“As FAB grows, so does our focus on expanding our line of quality dressmaking equipment,” Fabb CEO and founder, Kate Fuchs says.

“Our FAB Topless line of dressmakers have been in existence for over a decade and are designed to bring our brand to life in a way that allows women to feel confident and in control.”

We have also been working with many leading designers and designers from across the world to bring the Fabe Fashion collection to life, which has seen a significant increase in demand. 

We are very excited to be expanding our range of FAB fashion pieces to include new designs, and are excited to continue to bring FAB to more women across the globe.

The Feminist FAB collection will launch on August 1 and will be available at Fabyan and online from August 3.”

The company is growing in size and scope and we are also actively looking to expand in the future,” Kate Fuchs says, “and with the Fabi Fashion collection, we will continue to provide the Fabi brand with the tools and support that it needs to continue bringing FAB clothes to women across Asia.” 

The Feminist FAB collection will launch on August 1 and will be available at Fabyan and online from August 3.


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