September 10, 2021

The Sport Book is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new title for ladies!

This year’s title is entitled ‘A WTF, Just A WTF?’ and will be available at select retailers in the United States beginning December 18th, 2017!

The brand’s co-founder and creative director, Kelly McBeth, shared the following with us: “A WTAWTF is the perfect title for women of all sizes to show off their busts and their breasts to anyone who will listen.

The title has the perfect combination of cheeky humor, funny images, and fun facts.

The book is full of cute photos and witty quotes to entertain anyone who wants to laugh.”

The brand is offering this edition at select locations in the US, and will include the following items: “Busty Girl’s Shorts, featuring photos of the stars of the sport, plus a bunch more.” 

“The Official WTA World Cup Soccer Shorts and Sweatshirt from Nike featuring photos from the official website, plus more.”

The Nike WTA Shirt featuring photos, designs, and the words ‘The World’s Most Popular Team’ with the hashtag #WTAWTS.” 


(Image source: Nike)”Nike WTA WTF shirts featuring photos by a group of famous athletes including Abby Wambach, Steph Curry, and more.

The shirt will feature the Nike slogan ‘The Most Popular World Cup Team,’ with a link to the official Nike website.

This shirt will also include an exclusive Nike ‘NikeWTF’ graphic.” 

WTA Women’s Shirts featuring photos featuring Abby Wamba, Cristiano Ronaldo, and other superstars. 

The Nike Women Soccer shirts will feature Nike’s slogan ‘Nixie’s Most Beautiful Women Soccer Shirts,’ and the Nike ‘WWTS’ logo.” “

Nixies Women’s Soccer shirts featuring pictures of Abby Wambe, Cristian Ronaldo, Cristiana Ronaldo, Neymar, and many other athletes from around the world.

The Nike Women Soccer shirts will feature Nike’s slogan ‘Nixie’s Most Beautiful Women Soccer Shirts,’ and the Nike ‘WWTS’ logo.” 

The Official WTA Women Soccer Shirt featuring pictures from the Nike Women World Cup Twitter account and the official logo. WTF!


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