September 14, 2021

Moroccans wearing their hijabs and hijab in public is considered the latest trend among Western women, but it’s also not a trend women’s organisations have been pushing.

It’s the new norm, said Marwa Zagouni, director of the Morocco Women’s Association.

“We are living in a patriarchal society, which does not respect women.

There are people who have different opinions about what they want, but they should be respected,” she said.

The Moroccan government has been cracking down on the hijab since January 2015, when it launched a national ban on all headscarves and the veil.

It also tightened rules on the sale of women’s traditional garments, which are also banned.

Moroccan headscarf and veil bans have led to a surge in sales, as well as increased pressure on the government to rein in a garment industry that has become a significant source of income for Morocco’s middle class.

Moroccans have long been allowed to wear the headscarve or veil in public in a country that is predominantly Muslim.

The veil, however, is banned in the capital Rabat, and is only allowed in the private homes of women.

Women’s clothing is also not banned in Morocco, but is restricted to only one item, which is the head scarf, or hijab.

The headscarvans, or veils, are often tied around the neck and are not allowed to be worn outside the home.

In some countries, women are allowed to cover their faces or wear face coverings such as scarves or hats.

The ban on the headwear also affects women’s education and employment.

While the Moroccana government has increased its efforts to stamp out the head-covering trend, it is not as aggressive as other countries in banning the veil or headscarvels in public.

Moro has strict laws on headscarfs and the hijab, which has not yet been outlawed.

However, the head veil is still not allowed in most public places in the country.

It is a sign of growing discontent with Morocco’s political and economic elites, and of the growing demand for a better life for women, said Zagoueri.

The ban on head coverings has also been a focus of social unrest.

Many women are unhappy with the social discrimination they face because of their appearance, she said, adding that many women have been forced to cover up for fear of being assaulted or harassed.

Women, meanwhile, are also struggling to get an education.

While Morocco has strict school attendance laws, a recent study found that about half of school-aged children are in a formal education system, but only about one-third are in the formal education sector.

Some students are struggling to make ends meet, and many are still in the education system at high school, which means they are not in school for the first three years.

Many children struggle to make enough money to support themselves.

Some women are also not able to access medical care.

According to a recent report, a quarter of the country’s population has been affected by gender-based violence in 2017, and only 13 percent of women are safe from violence.


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