September 17, 2021

Recode editor Ben Smith asked meijers for a list of the brands in women’s casual wear that feature pants, and I had to give it to them.

I wanted to know if they’ve really gotten better, and whether the women’s fashion industry is ready for pants to become more of a mainstream trend.

I asked if they’d even made a pants line in the last year.

“The brand has done so well for us, it’s almost like we’ve been sitting on the couch waiting for this to happen,” says Meijer senior vice president of fashion marketing and brand development, Amanda Johnson.

“But the answer is no.

There’s nothing in the pipeline.”

Johnson says Meijiers has been working on a pants brand since last summer, but the brand has been stuck in development mode for a few years.

“I think a lot is tied to the company being focused on women’s brands in general and a few women’s brand specific,” she says.

“It’s hard to make a really good product in the context of a company that’s focused on what’s a female consumer.”

We’re not in a rush to get pants on the market.””

We’re kind of stuck with it, and we don’t know what’s next.

We’re not in a rush to get pants on the market.”

The brand launched the Meijier women, Meijers, pants line at the tail end of 2016, and the first two pieces of pants were released in early 2017.

(The company has not yet released the third and final collection.)

Johnson says the company had a great response from consumers who were keen on the brand’s more feminine look.

“Women were very, very supportive of our approach,” she explains.

“They liked that we didn’t want to be overbearing or heavy.

They liked that there was no padding or fabric padding.

They like that we made it easy for them to wear it without the need to get their pants down.”

Meijiers’ brand identity is based on the philosophy that women are not just the ‘little sisters’ of the house, and women wear them because they have to.

“Our brands are about making clothes that you’re proud of, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to be comfortable,” says Johnson.

“It’s about making the clothes you feel comfortable wearing.

The pants are just another way that we can express that,” she continues.

“To make a clothes brand, you have to be really proud of what you’re making.

So if you’re a girl and you wear a pants and you feel like you’ve earned that, then that’s great.

But if you don’t have that, you don-you can feel that there’s a big gap between what you feel you need to wear and what you actually wear.”

For more about Meijier, check out Recode’s video:”

And that’s where we get a lot from women.”

For more about Meijier, check out Recode’s video:


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