September 29, 2021

We asked women’s wear and fashion bloggers to explain why they’re changing, and the responses are in.

Fashion editor Liz MacLeod (@lizmac) said brands are working on changing expectations of what is acceptable and acceptable for a woman’s fashion look.

“I think we have to think about what’s acceptable to wear for our day, not to wear to work or to get dressed up, and I think the trend of women’s wearing clothes in a more casual way has a lot to do with the fact that it’s about not having to wear clothes for hours at a time, or at all,” she said.

Kelli Rieckhoff (@keri_rick) said a “faux” feel is what most women are looking for when they wear clothes, rather than an outright rejection of the fashion world.

“When you wear a skirt to a job interview, you’re trying to be as feminine as possible and you’re also trying to go as minimalist as possible, and so on,” she told us.

Dara Torres (@dara_torres) said the “real” women’s clothes are designed to be worn under the most minimal of outfits, with skirts and dresses in contrast.

Lauren Eberle (@LaurenEberle) said she sees more women’s outfits as being more about the clothes themselves, rather then the clothes’ gender.

“It’s about how you wear it and how it feels to you, rather that it looks to the world,” she explained.

Jenna Rains (@jenna_raines) said fashion is now “about being confident in your own body and not hiding it.”

“The main thing you need to understand is that clothes can make your life more comfortable,” she added.

“It can also make your body feel different and different in a way that makes it easier to be comfortable.”

“So it’s not about being a size 8 or wearing a suit.

It’s about what you feel comfortable in.

It could be the colour of your skirt, it could be your skin tone, or how you walk.”

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