October 1, 2021

Woman’s fashion has changed its name many times since the 1920s, with the company’s founder now claiming that the women’s clothes industry has become “too much about the money”. 

The name change is being made to reflect the “increasing number of people” who are buying clothes for themselves and their families, and the “worries of a younger generation” about the environmental impact of clothing. 

In a video message posted to the company Facebook page, Mrs Poulter explained that she was working on a redesign of the company to make the change easier to understand and more transparent to the public.

“The name ‘The women’s fashion’ has changed from ‘The Womens’ to reflect how we feel about the changing environment and the women we work with,” Mrs Poultter wrote.

“We are really proud of the women who make our clothing, and we would like to see more of them recognised and celebrated for their contribution to our lives.”

Mrs Poulters own clothing business is one of the few remaining British companies in the world to survive a post-war boom that saw a significant number of factories closed, while demand for the products fell.

She said the name change was a result of the increasing amount of people who want to buy clothes for their families and friends.

“When we launched our business we thought that ‘The womens’ clothing business would be a bit like the women in the 1930s and 1940s, a little bit of a niche business and not a major retailer,” she said.

“That was the view when we launched, but today we see a lot of people buying clothes from the women.”

In the 1950s and 1960s, women wore clothing, but they weren’t the primary consumers.

“Today we see many of our customers are women.”

Mrs Flanders said the decision to change the name was partly driven by the “growing number of women we know who are trying to find something they can afford”.

“We know from the data we are getting from customers, the women want to do something different and to show that the name is something people recognise and that it is something they are proud of,” she added.

“They want to celebrate what they have created.”

Mrs Dolan, of Women’s Wear Daily, said the change would make it easier for consumers to find the clothing they want.

“What we have done is take a look at what people are wearing and then we have looked at the way they have designed their clothes,” she explained.

“And what we found is that in terms of price, the average price of a woman’s clothes has gone up in recent years.”

So we have a lot more women wearing clothing now that were not wearing them before.

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