October 14, 2021

Turks have a long history of wearing clothes with their ethnic identity.

The country is home to over 30 ethnic groups, including the Turkic-speaking minority that make up the majority of Turks.

In many ways, Turks are more culturally diverse than their French counterparts.

But their clothing is not always the most chic.

There are a few rules that need to be followed when making the most of your time in Turkey: Dress to impress.

“Dress to impress,” according to a study by the European University Institute, “is a key concept that can make or break a woman’s fashion sense.”

The institute says the following four rules can help you dress in a Turkish way: Don’t be ostentatious.

“There is a very good chance that if you’re in a small group of people, you’ll be judged on your clothing,” the study notes.

“If you wear a scarf, it will be considered to be ‘too much.'”

Dress modestly.

“When a woman wears a dress, it should not be too revealing,” the report states.

“Women should wear skirts and blouses that show a modest chest.

There should be a minimal amount of neckline, but the neckline should not exceed the waistline.”

Dress with style.

“The most important aspect is that the dress must be beautiful,” the institute explains.

“In the end, if you are dressing in a way that is appropriate for the culture, there should be no difference between the Turkish women and Western women.”

Be aware of the local dress code.

“It is not a rule to dress in anything that is too ‘Turkish’ and western,” the research notes.

The dress code is enforced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which also oversees the dress code for the country’s other ethnic groups.

But if you wear anything that falls short of the dress codes, you may be asked to pay fines or go to prison.


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