October 31, 2021

The new wave of Iranian fashion has captured the attention of the world, with some countries embracing it as a fashion trend.

However, in Iran, the clothing has not yet caught on with women and many have reservations about the dress code and the strict dress code that has been put in place to protect the country’s women.

What is the dresscode?

The dress code for Iran is based on a religious decree, which is issued by the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

It states that a woman is expected to wear modest clothes in public and in public places.

The hijab is considered to be a symbol of modesty.

The dress codes vary depending on the season, but they are generally enforced during the summer months.

The new hijab is expected in the coming months, but not until next spring.

Iran’s dress code was announced in November of last year.

It was followed by a national uniform code that was announced by the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani.

However the dress codes are not legally binding, which means the regulations are not enforced.

Iran has one of the strictest dress codes in the world.

The country does not allow women to wear full-length robes, and the hijab is a symbol that is considered a cover-up.

The main issue with the dress rules is the issue of modesty, said Rula Amin-Mazhadpour, a fashion analyst with the London-based Institute for Strategic Studies.

“There is a strong belief that the hijab has to cover up the entire body and hide the face,” she said.

The Islamic Republic is not alone in this.

In Turkey, a country of 6 million, women are expected to cover their hair, but many are uncomfortable about the restrictions on women’s clothes.

“If we look at the rules of dress in Turkey, the women are very happy to wear the hijab,” Amin-Dourif said.

“They say that the Islamic dress is the most beautiful dress.

We have a beautiful country.”


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